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Billbergia decora ©

Billbergias in habitat are generally epiphytic. They grow on rock from southern Mexico to northern Argentina with the greatest number found in Brazil. They require strong light to enhance leaf coloration and beautiful markings. These superior foliage plants will tolerate dry air. Their few leaves grow upright forming a narrow rosette.

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Billbergia zebrina
Billbergia zebrina - inflorescence




Billbergia decora
sun - Brazil, Peru, Bolivia - disc: 1838



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Billbergia saundersii Grouping of Billb. 'Muriel Waterman'




Billbergia 'Muriel Waterman'


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Billbergia.pyramidalis.jpg (39940 bytes)

Billbergia.Hallelujah.jpg (41434 bytes)

Billbergia 'Fantasia' Billbergia pyramidalis albomarginata




Billbergia 'Hallelujah'



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Billbergia brasiliensis

Billbergia vittata




Billbergia nutans


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Billbergia Venezuelana

Billbergia amoena cv. Berry Allen





Billbergia amoena var. Rubra

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Billbergia brasiliensis

Billbergia leptopoda

Billbergia rosea


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