Guzmania musaica

Bromeliads are the floral aristocrats of the rain forest. They display an incredible range of  form and size and, when they bloom, an impressive palette of extraordinary colors. These plants are native to the tropical and subtropical areas of the Americas,   the majority indigenous to South America. Most of them grow as air plants on the trunks and branches of trees. Some species wrap their roots around porous rocks, while others, such as the pineapple and "earth stars," grow in the soil.

Although I love all flowering exotic plants, my passion is collecting and growing bromeliads. I am attracted to their unusual shapes, extraordinary markings, ravishingly exotic flowers and brilliant bracts, some of which last six months. The colorful berries on some species are extraordinarily eye-appealing.

In recent years, the fascinating Tillandsia
's have become my favorite. Their bizarre shapes make them suitable for mounting, resulting in unique plant mobiles, which provide great points of interest in the greenhouse.

To obtain unusual and rare species, I recommend joining plant societies. These organizations promote plant and seed exchanges and provide information on the culture of these plants.
In the last few years I have become totally obsessed with conifers by creating a Conifer Wildlife Habitat - Conifers from around the world grown in Michigan, USA.

Visit: Garden Web World

A comprehensive site about the magnificent world of Bromeliads - Cacti/Succulents - Orchids - Conifers

Visit: Arboretum de Concord -  A Conifer Wildlife Habitat located in Michigan, USA and certified by the National Wildlife Federation


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"Arboretum de Concord - Conifers from around the World grown in Michigan"

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Billbergia decora

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Guzmania sanguinea

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Aechmea chantinii


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The environmental requirement for each species depends upon the bromeliads native habitat. 
Before you buy plants, try to research the cultural conditions and how to provide them. 
Select plants that will grow in the environment you can supply.
 For more cultural information, growing tips and solving problems, I recommend to contact your local Bromeliad Society.
Find a description of the world's best Horticultural Societies at Garden Web World!


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