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One of the best-kept secrets among succulent enthusiasts is the existence of succulent bromeliads. They are very tough, drought resistant plants which make ideal houseplants and which (properly acclimated) can be put out in the summer without fear of sun damage. 

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"Conifer Wildlife Habitat: Arboretum de Concord - Conifers from around the World grown in Michigan"

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Descriptive notes for each  plant:
Culture  -  Habitat - Year discovered


Araeococcus.flagellifolius.jpg (54525 bytes)

Neoglaziovia.variegata.jpg (27607 bytes)

Orthophytum.gurkenii.jpg (37878 bytes)

Araeococcus flagellifolius
whip-like leaves, erect and slightly arching
and a bulbous base - Brazil - disc: 1929
Neoglaziovia variegata


Orthophytum gurkenii 



Neophytum.jpg (69621 bytes)

Orthophytum.saxicola.jpg (42717 bytes)

Orthophytum.Blaze.jpg (48031 bytes)

Neophytum 'Ralph Davis' Orthophytum saxicola

Orthophytum 'Blaze'

Dyckia.fosteriana.hybrid.jpg (31652 bytes)

Acanthostachys.strobilacea.jpg (50655 bytes)

Deuterocohnia.longipetala.jpg (34233 bytes)

Dyckia fosteriana hybrid


 Acanthostachys strobilacea



Deuterocohnia longipetala

Dyckia.marnier.lapostollei.jpg (16566 bytes)

Dyckia.fosteriana.jpg (85456 bytes)

Dyckia.jpg (15854 bytes)

Dyckia marnier lapostollei

Dyckia fosteriana





Hechtia_rosea.jpg (58049 bytes)

Hechtia rosea


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