Aechmea orlandiana var. Ensign ©

Aechmea grow epiphytically and terrestrial in the Rain Forests of South America.
The leaves of Aechmea's are sturdy, tough and armed with sometimes very vicious spines and often covered with silvery scales (Silver Vase), all indications of adaptation to life in fairly bright light. They often grow on rock, storing the water they need in their tanks.

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Descriptive notes for each  plant:
Culture - Habitat - Year discovered


Aechmea.moorei.jpg (30204 bytes)

Aechmea.callichroma.jpg (23798 bytes)Aechmea.callichroma.flowering.jpg (25263 bytes)

Aechmea.orlandiana.Pickininni.jpg (40963 bytes)

Aechmea moorei

Aechmea callichroma




Aechmea orlandiana cv. Pickininni



Aechmea_dealbata.jpg (70515 bytes)

Aechmea.orlandiana.Ensign.jpg (43346 bytes)

Aechmea.chantinii.variegata.jpg (47271 bytes)

Aechmea dealbata
half shade, inflorescece unbranched, closely related to Aechmea fasciata -  Brazil - disc. 1889
Aechmea orlandiana var. Ensign
sunny - additional plants are produced only vegetatively - Brazil - disc: 1941



Aechmea chantinii var. variegata
half shade - white cross banded with yellow margins and longitudinal stripes - Brazil - disc: 1889



Aechmea.luddemanniana.Mend.jpg (48694 bytes)

Aechmea.weilbachii.jpg (27057 bytes)

Aechmea.nudicaulis.jpg (41644 bytes)

Aechmea luddemanniana 'Mend' Aechmea weilbachii var. leodiensis
half shade - Brazil - disc: 1854




Aechmea nudicaulis var. aequalis
A.nudicaulis and its varieties are free flowering - Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela Central America - disc: 1864



Aechmea.chantinii.jpg (47292 bytes)

Aechmea.Foster's.Favorite.jpg (48398 bytes)

Aechmea.winkleri.jpg (29242 bytes)

Aechmea chantinii
half shade - Northern Peru (Amazonia) disc: 1889
Aechmea 'Fosters Favorite'




Aechmea winkleri variegata -
seeds originated from Brazil - one plant was albo-marginated, however the pups reverted back to green



Aechmea.recurvata.cardinalis.jpg (69608 bytes)

Aechmea.fulgens.jpg (30667 bytes)

Aechmea.victoriana.jpg (42400 bytes)

Aechmea recurvata var. cardinalis
sunny - Brazil - disc: 1932
Aechmea fulgens var.discolor variegata



Aechmea victoriana var. discolor





Aech.Foster's.Favorite.jpg (47609 bytes)

Aechmea.zebrina.Orinoco.jpg (22805 bytes)

Aechmea.retusa.jpg (42350 bytes)

Aechmea 'Fosters Favorite'

Aechmea zebrina Orinoco


Aechmea retusa 


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