Jewels of the Rain Forest

Canistrum fosterianum © 

"Conifer Wildlife Habitat: Arboretum de Concord - Conifers from around the World grown in Michigan"

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Descriptive notes for each  plant:
Culture  -  Habitat - Year discovered

Quesnelia.marmorata.jpg (44340 bytes)

Canistrum.fosterianum.jpg (59310 bytes)

Quesnelia.arvensis.Rose.jpg (51639 bytes)

Quesnelia marmorata
sun - Brazil - a tube like rosette with very decorative leaves - disc: 1965

Canistrum fosterianum
half shade and long flowering - Brazil - disc: 1952 

Quesnelia arvensis 'Rose'
eastern Brazil - disc: 1842

Catopsis.morreniana.jpg (41847 bytes)

Canmea.jpg (26687 bytes)

Cryptanthus.zonatus.jpg (85136 bytes)

Catopsis morreniana 
S. Mexico, Costa Rica up to 1,650 m disc: 1896
Canmea 'Galaxy' albomarginata


Cryptanthus zonatus forma fuscus
shade - light silver-grey banding and brown-red color - Brazil - disc: 1896


Neoglaziovia.variegata.jpg (27607 bytes)

Portea.petropolitana.jpg (34276 bytes)

Hohenbergia.correia.araujoi.jpg (77022 bytes)

Neoglaziovia variegata
grows as terrestials on rocks and is more than 1 m high - Brazil - disc: 1894

Portea petropolitana
 sun - Brazil - a large plant with a over 1 m high inflorescence - disc: 1892



Hohenbergia correia araujoi
sun - large plant with beautiful cross banding - Brazil 

Hohenbergia.flower.jpg (38840 bytes)

Canistrum.jpg (51410 bytes)

Bromelia.scarlatina.jpg (34815 bytes)

Hohenbergia correia araujoi
Canistrum fosterianum
half shade - long flowering - Brazil - disc: 1952 

Bromelia scarlatina
shade - Brazil - disc: 1881



Fosterella.pendula.flower.jpg (32065 bytes)

Catopsis.morreniana.and.Tilland.jpg (76739 bytes)

Fosterella.pendula.jpg (66504 bytes)

Fosterella penduliflora inflorescence
flowers white and very small 
Catopsis morreniana and Tillandsias
half shade - Southern Mexico, Costa Rica, up to 1,650 m - disc: 1896



Fosterella penduliflora
half shade and medium-heavy soil -  Peru, Argentina, Bolivia - disc: 1960

Werauhi.jpg (83634 bytes)

Werauhi sanguinolenta 'Rubra'
formerly belonging to the genus Vriesea


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