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Guzmania's are native to the Rain forests of Northwest South America. Most of the Guzmania grow epiphytically some also terrestrially. The genus belongs to the subfamily Tillandsioideae.

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Descriptive notes for each  plant:
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Guzmania.sanguinea.jpg (42953 bytes)

Guzmania.musaica.jpg (48296 bytes)

Guzmania.lindenii.jpg (68538 bytes)

Guznmania sanguina
Guznmania musaica



Guzmania lindenii



Guz.mus.fl.jpg (69749 bytes)

Guzmania.zahnii.jpg (28672 bytes)

Guzmania_zahnii.jpg (47717 bytes)

Guzmania musaica flower Guzmania zahnii

Guzmania zahnii variegata
needs shady conditions


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